Collection: Charcuterie Boards

Built to display fruits, meats, cheeses…booze (if you’re into that-I don’t judge), or whatever you want.  These boards measure between 8 to 10 inches wide, by approximately 24 inches long.  They feature silicon rubber feet for stability and are typically quite thick-at least and inch and a half and often more than that.

Boards are finished with Walrus Oil (no walruses harmed-settle down, now) and, if cared for properly, should last you a lifetime.  Walrus Oil can be re-applied as needed, and the finish is smooth, glassy and provides excellent protection from moisture.

I use both domestic and imported hardwoods, and only the very best adhesives and tools.  

The glue that is used is waterproof, and the best in the business.  That said, this is a big ole hunk a wood, so don’t soak it in water.  Bad things will happen.  Remember Gremlins?  Just don’t do it!

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